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Top 5 Software Video Demos November 6, 2009

Posted by Darwin in applicant tracking, business software, video demos.
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video demo picBusinesses have learned over the past decade that one of the best ways to train people in utilizing software is through quick and efficient video demonstrations.  Videos are fantastic resources not only for software training, but for anything: from gardening how-tos to step by step cooking instructions.  Whether it is due to consumer laziness, a new evolution in learning, or a more efficient mode of communication, video demos are a great way to get a lot of information across in a short period of time.

Demonstrating a product’s features in a short amount of time is integral as a business weighs in on whether or not they want to utilize a service.  The efficiency of a demo video often speaks to the efficiency of the software product itself.  Some key indicators of a good software demo are quick to-the-point feature promotions, clear and concise usage examples, a steady well-paced narration, and a call to action on how to take the next step with the product.

I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight several shining examples of great software demo videos.  If you are on the market for any of these products, you should have no problem deciding if you want to use them after viewing these.

Google Wave:

Google’s new sensational product, Google Wave, has certainly created ‘waves’ in the tech blogosphere lately. Do we really know what it does though?  The Wave video demo gives us more than enough, with 15 clear features that round out Wave’s claim to being ‘the next generation of email’.


Dropbox is a great organizational tool that enables multiple users to easily share files across several computers.  The problem is, describing the product is quite difficult through traditional language.  However, the Dropbox team did the right thing and produced a slick Dropbox video demo that quite aptly highlights the service’s strengths and features.

Newton Software

Newton provides a recruiting software and applicant tracking product that allows a business to efficiently manage its hiring process.  Newton’s software is certainly slick, and in a space crowded with wannabes, it needs a good way to differentiate itself for potential customers.  Enter the Newton Software Video Demo, which expertly highlights the applicant tracking system’s features and user interface through a concise synopsis.


Layar provides next generation augmented reality mobile applications.  essentially, utilizing Layar’s mobile application, a user can access an additional ‘layer’ of data based on the world around them.  For someone who isn’t familar with augmented reality, this is a bit difficult to picture.   However, the team out of the Netherlands created a fantastic Layar Video Demo that highlights what augmented reality really is.

Microsoft Photosynth

Microsoft’s amazing new product allows user submitted photos from various angles to be fused into one comprehensive layer that can be viewed in a 360 degree tour.  The Photosynth demo made a splash when it was first released, and continues to be a great way to demonstrate this amazing tech.