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Finding the Best Talent in Industries That Aren’t Really Hiring February 8, 2013

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how to find talentCompanies and recruiters, who are attempting to find the best talent in industries that aren’t really hiring, know a secret. It is discovering how to use the right Applicant Tracking System to take the overwhelming task of filtering through stacks of resume’s and highlight the cream of the crop.

When the job market tightens, it becomes a hiring company’s dream with skilled applicants flooding human resources hoping for a career. However, a recent survey by Towers Watson revealed that almost 72 percent of employers say they are having difficulty attracting skilled and qualified employees. Recruiters and corporations are successful when they use the latest cutting-edge technology of tools available.

Here’s five industries projected to be among those who aren’t really hiring in 2013:


  • Non-Profit and Religion Work
  • Journalism and Publishing Jobs
  • Legal Work
  • Electricians
  • Data Processing and Entry Level Computer Work

As a recruiter looking to fill these positions or a hiring manager within one of these industries, it’s time to streamline the process. Learn how to implement and use an Applicant Tracking System to stay on top of the competition. 

Non-profit and religion work thrives when the economy supports the ability for members to make donations. When the economy turns sour, these organizations don’t have any money to throw away on charity paychecks to employees with hearts bigger than their abilities. The right Applicant Tracking System filters criteria making your job or hiring less burdensome and more productive.

Trading in the printed word for an electronic version online is a convenient trend that has caused a steady downturn of journalism and publishing jobs. This means skilled writers are looking for placement and turning to sites online where Applicant Tracking Systems are noticed and successfully draw in the best applicants.

Hiring has slowed gradually in the once prosperous field of law with 2013 projected, in some states, to be the worst law job market in decades. Tap into this pool of talented and well-trained specialists before these licensed graduates give up their hunt to land a fulfilling job. Use strategically placed ads linked to an Applicant Tracking System on professional law journal sites.
The housing market is expected to one day pick up the pace, but is currently leaving skilled electricians behind. Create a conduit through which job placement can flow with the right Applicant Tracking System. Properly advertise it to spark the necessary connections between potential electricians who notice and take the time to apply.

As entry-level technology jobs narrow, don’t be left stagnate with an analog hiring process in a digital world. Use an Applicant Tracking System in computer-related recruitment where it is already readily understood among those applying.



Effective Job Applicant tracking leads to higher Customer Satisfaction June 1, 2012

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What is the most common complaint you hear from your customers? Chances are it’s not about your products. If merchandise is sub-par or unsatisfactory to consumers, they generally just go elsewhere. Complaints are usually about service, the actions or attitudes of your employees. Fortunately, with the documentation provided by properly using a job applicant tracking system, you can cut down on those complaints and increase customer satisfaction. ATS applicant tracking systems provide a better way to index and evaluate resumes. Reviewing resumes will filter out the majority of the “bad” candidates before the first interview for the job.

Making that first interview a phone interview could save you even more time. Once you’ve narrowed the field down to a few select candidates, you’ll want to have further measures in place before taking the next step. Screen candidates thoroughly before you invite them in for a second interview. Don’t wait until after you’ve invested hours and money into someone before bothering to check their references. A pattern of poor customer service skills is easy to see if you make the calls and speak with former employers and personal references. A good recruiter can read between the lines, even on a non-committal or evasive response. Be thorough and log thoughts and input into the appropriate sections of your recruitment tracking software.

Once you’ve screened candidates by checking their background, create “what if” or role play exercises to do during the second interview. Most web based recruiting software has customizable fields where you can enter input or grade these exercises on a scale system. Engage with the prospect as much as possible in non-dogmatic situations. Looking for a text book answer to questions won’t tell you what you need to know about their customer service skills. Only spontaneous decision making reveals a person’s true character. Be the nightmare customer and measure the candidate’s response under pressure. It won’t be 100% authentic because they know they’re being tested, but it should give you some valuable insight.

Be open to what others think. When hiring new employees, be sure to include other management and training personnel in the recruitment process. This is easy to do if you have web based recruiting software because others can access the files from anywhere, even at home after work if they need to. Make your notes as you go through the first and second interview process, and have others add their input after they meet, speak to, or in other ways evaluate a prospect. Multiple eyes are better than just two. A person working solo on an individual hire could get fixated on one positive or one negative characteristic of a person.

Once the right candidate is selected, be sure that all of their data is entered into the recruitment tracking system. As they move through months and years of employment, schedule regular evaluations and be sure to make those a permanent part of the employee’s records in the system. There may come a time when a promotion is due or a complaint is lodged against the employee. Proper documentation will guarantee that you can make informed decisions on either of these situations.

Work with a Top Applicant Tracking Systems March 23, 2012

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If a review of your human resource management tasks and results indicate that your business could benefit from increased efficiency and more organization, it may be time to put one of the top applicant tracking systems to work for you. These types of solution oriented business technologies have a lot to offer when it comes to organizing and managing information and increasing the efficiency of human resource management operations, especially when it comes to the myriad of processes involved in meeting staffing needs by locating and hiring the best possible applicants for the positions that need filling in a business.

Staffing is different these days, because businesses operate in such different ways, thanks to the wealth of technological advancements in communication and information management. Even the smallest of businesses has the opportunity to be a global player, with both its labor force and its customers scattered throughout the world. The top applicant tracking systems are designed to be able to operate in this brave new business world, facilitating such business practices as the outsourcing of labor on a global level and the functioning or the virtual office or business, one that isn’t housed in the traditional sort of brick and mortar defined location.

Being able to access information about potential job applicants across a wide geographical expanse is an important element of being able to select the best and brightest for your organization. The data management offered by such business oriented technologies increases efficiency in seeking the best applicants for the job, as your time is never spent looking over the information of unsuitable applicants, because those are filtered out before you ever see them. A quality applicant system can help to make interviewing processes much easier, as well as ensure that the interviewing techniques remain compliant with existing employment law on local, state, and federal levels.

Human error and its associated costs are reduced when using a quality applicant tracking system. There is no need to invest a whole lot of time in closely tracking the progress of change in employment law, because the leading applicant tracking systems handle that for you, one of the many quality features you have access to when you use the best. Making sure that your labor force is as diverse as it needs to be to be considered in compliance with labor law no longer has to eat up human resource management labor hours. The risk of mistakes that could cost your business in terms of money and reputation is decreased.

Enhancing your human resource management functions and efficiency can be as easy as putting one of the leading applicant tracking systems to work for you in your business organization. Information is power and effectively managing that information to your best advantage, especially when it comes to staffing issues, can do a lot to increase your company’s chances for success, right now and over the long term. Your labor force is what produces your product or service, making the quality of that labor force an essential element to your bottom line, so make sure you can get the best with a quality applicant tracking system.

Preparing for Better Days with Recruitment Tracking Software July 9, 2011

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As a small business owner, you’ve no doubt learned by now that good times and bad times are inevitable. They’re just part of doing business. The world won’t stop, no matter what you do, so you need to be prepared for the obstacles, pitfalls, and high points that are going to come. In the case of the most recent economic recession, it has been a good time to prepare for better days ahead. Nothing lasts forever, no matter how bleak the outlook seems to be.

Recruiting tracking software may seem like a small thing when the daily news is tracking financial collapses of entire countries and foreclosure rates never seen before in modern banking, but its one of those steps you can take to ensure your company’s future is brighter than its past or present has been. Job applicant tracking is one of those areas that many companies overlook – a mistake. Inefficient tracking and poor management in human resources are two of the main contributors to the failure of small companies. You are the people who work for you. If they are the wrong people and you’re losing the right people to your competitors, you are doomed to fail.

Three years ago, when the economic downturn first began, companies began to lay off workers and downsize departments. A lot of those folks who lost their jobs were qualified workers that became victims of a numbers crunch. Now, as the economic outlook improves, they are starting to re-enter the workforce. If you post a job on a board or advertise in the local newspaper, you will get three times the response that you got just a few years ago for the same action. The unemployment rate is coming down, but it’s still high – there are a lot of candidates out there.

You can’t hire all of them – today. You can however prepare for the future by keeping careful track of those who apply for your open position. Are they the right person for that job or are they a better fit for another department where you don’t currently have an opening? Should you hire them now so you don’t lose them and then move them laterally when an opening pops up or should you tell them there might be something in the future and ask them to wait? These are all questions that go through the minds of recruiters and hiring managers as they try to project the future.

The top recruitment tracking software can help you make these decisions. They’ll give you a way to organize applicants and review them in a way that will help you plan for the future. One positive that comes out of tough times like we just went through is the prudence that business owners tend to exercise when things start to improve. It takes a while before anyone is willing to be aggressive again, but when it happens, it spreads like wildfire and we have a surging economy for a while. Those who are best prepared for that will reap the highest rewards. Do you have the people to help you do that? Recruit them now and keep track of who’s who. Job applicant software can help you.