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Dont Make Your Hiring Process Overly Complicated May 12, 2015

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Hiring for a company is as difficult as any situation involving close quarters and human beings. However, advances have been made for hiring processes so they run as smoothly as your business. With this being said, here’s a look at some of the key factors to focus on for hiring new employees.

Spreading The Word

The days of classified ads are almost over, as social media has become the new method for advertising open positions. In addition to social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, there’s numerous sites dedicated to finding the employees you’re looking for. From hospitality to media arts, there’s plenty of excellent potential hires in the area just waiting for your job posting.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a brilliant way to categorize potential hires to suit your business needs. These forms not only allow one to delve into the intricate information regarding an open position, but cut away the need for sorting through endless resumes and applications before an interview is set up. The reason for this is due to the Google Form system allowing an employer to enable search specific questions so the job you’re looking to fill is receiving the best of applications. As for Google Forms itself, you can apply such questions as:

  • Easy To Process – Having the forms set up as easy to answer questions can make your selection process significantly easier. Checkbox, multiple choice, or number fields can be quickly managed so that the answers you’re looking for rise to the top. Allow some written questions as well so that the possible employee can shine with their answers.
  • Deadlines & Group Revision – So once you’ve set a deadline and applications have been accounted for, it’s time to gather your team and make decisions. Creating a spreadsheet afterwards allows your team to vote on who is worthy of filling the position based on opinions, facts, and figures from your compiled information.
  • Grading – Have a grade system set up for the applicant’s written portions. Make sure you give it some generosity as these questions are set up to give perspective for the individual applying.

Finding worthy employees is easier now than it has ever been due to the significant advances and methods used for gathering information. These advances have not only made hiring easier, but cut the work space and clutter from paper information in the past. In the new age of technology jobs – the best hiring technology needs to be utilized to find the best candidates.


Newton Upgrades ATS with Personality Tests for Employment May 8, 2015

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Newton has upgraded its #ATS again!  This time with pre-employment personality test features that make hiring the perfect employee that much easier: http://newtonsoftware.com/blog/2015/05/08/integrations-newton-upgrades-applicant-tracking-system/