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Hiring and Recruitment Tips for 2015 April 14, 2015

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When you are looking to hire a new employee what do you look for? Do you look for someone who is determined? Experienced? Lively? Have you been having trouble finding the exact type of person you want? Whatever you are looking for it is possible to find, but only if you have the proper hiring process. Your process needs to ask the right questions and give you a real feel for a candidate personality. One company that does this well is Google. Their hiring process asks all the right questions and proves that any business can get the right people if they have the correct hiring process. Here are three things that you can do to fix your process to get who you want.

Define What You Want

Google uses what they call the four attributes of “Googlyness” to cut down hundreds of applicants into a choice few. These attributes help them narrow down who will add something to the company and who would just be a good employee. The attributes include cognitive ability, leadership skills, role-related knowledge, and general “googlyness,” although they haven’t really defined what that last attribute is. Look at your company and find four or five basic attributes that you want in every employee. Ensure that during interviews you ask questions that relate.

Hire Those Who Are Better Than You

You always want to look for the people who are the best and the brightest. Look for the people who want to grab “the bull by the horns” and want to advance in their careers. Look for those who aren’t satisfied with sitting at the bottom their whole lives. Look for those who could one day be a potential threat to your job. This will help make the company better, and you’ll look like a better hiring manager for finding smart and dedicated individuals for your company.

Consider and Then Reconsider

Google is a company that gets millions of applications every year. They are the kind of innovative company that everyone wants to work for. Now, you may not get millions of applications but you could get a couple hundred or even a few dozen. It does not really matter how many you get but how you treat them. Google considers every application and then reconsiders it from a different angle. This is something that you and your business should strive to do. Review your job applications and then look at them again. Do not throw out applications for one little thing; you could be throwing out an application from someone who is a perfect fit.