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Are You Using an ATS in 2015? January 12, 2015

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Whether you are planning on it or not currently, chances are you are going to be hiring someone new in the upcoming year. From expanding your business to someone leaving (or being let go), you need to have a few different strategies, or New Year’s resolutions if you well, regarding your recruitment strategy. It can take only a few tweaks to what you currently do, but by attracting the top talent and by bringing in only the very best, your business is sure to respond positively from the new hire.

Bring in the Right Employee

Of course, now that you know what employees you need to go after, you need to make sure you land the right person, especially if it is a higher profile position. First, you want to impress your applicants. Make eye contact and smile, and not just directly in front of them but while you are walking up from a long distance away. Eye contact is becoming a lost art, so show the applicant you care by maintaining it. You should also anticipate potential needs of the applicant. They might be thirsty when they arrive or need directions to a restroom. Offer everything up front without the applicant asking, as chances are, they probably are not going to. This can go right into treating the applicant with respect. Often times, many applicants and potential employees complain about not receiving the kind of respect they believe they deserve, such as returned phone calls or being ignored by the front desk attendant. Showing you care is extremely important.

On top of it all, according to Madison.com, you need to make the compensation package easy to understand. Often times, this kind of compensation is mystified and made to be a bit difficult to understand. Instead, make it easy to follow and offer up an easy to read packet. You can even include a small swag bag, including some promotional items you might hand out. Even if they don’t take the job (or you don’t hire them), they can still advertise for you by using your provided pen or water bottle. Plus, everyone loves free stuff.

Implement an Applicant Tracking System

First, you need to cut out all of the slack you receive from opening up applications to online services like Monster and LinkedIn. All of the applications you receive probably floods the inbox, and trying to read everything is next to impossible. Instead, you need to take advantage of an applicant tracking system. This allows you to highlight specific skill sets, educational background and experience, so you are presented with the limited number of applicants who fill your need and the rest are saved in a different location. With the software in place, you save time, energy and productivity, all while spotting the very best potential employees for your company’s needs.