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Is Your Business Hiring the Wrong Way? December 8, 2014

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Hiring the best person for a position is typically not as simple as reading resumes, conducting interviews and choosing the person that is the most qualified. If it were, turnover would not be the issue it is in corporate America. According to a 2013 BusinessInsider.com report, Amazon, Google and AFLAC rarely retain an employee for more than a year.

As the job market begins to improve, it is reasonable to assume that corporate employee turnover rate will continue to rise. How does a company — Fortune 500 or otherwise — combat the trend? By hiring the right employees in the first place.

There are a few ways your company may be hiring wrong and there are simple solutions that will prevent them from occurring in the future.

Trusting Resumes – In this day and age, almost every employee has the capacity to find a professional resume. The job of professional resume writers is to accentuate strengths and bury shortcomings. When reviewing a resume, search for the things that are not being said as much as those that are not. In other words, do not take a resume at face value.

Look for gaps in unemployment. Gaps indicate an employee was let go as opposed to one that moved on. Look for references that are from previous employers, not random professionals in unrelated fields. If an employee left on good terms, their previous employer will almost always be included in the reference section.

During interviews, ask candidates specifics about their skill set. Confident answers mean a candidate can do what they claim. Uncertainty in an answer means the candidate may have embellished their skill set.

Having Faith in Employee Placement Agencies – Employee placement agencies are in the business of getting people hired. That means placement agencies find employers, not the candidates searching for work. An employee that finds you has already exhibited resourcefulness and initiative.

While employee placement agencies are the easiest way to find qualified employees, they are not necessarily a guarantee that the employees will be the best.

Letting Canned Answers Suffice – When a candidate answers a question in the exact expected manner a potential employer would expect them to, that employers learns very little about the candidate. For example, if a potential employer asks a candidate¬†what are your weaknesses as an employee. and the candidate replies, “I have a tendency to work too hard and get overly concerned about my work.”

Those kinds of responses are not honest because such a fault would be a benefit to an employer. Take seriously the candidate that says things like, “I tend to lose patience at times,” or, “when I am overwhelmed, I become disorganized.

In other words, in order to prevent hiring wrong, always look for the most honest employee, even if — on paper — a candidate does not look as attractive as others.



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