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The Official Guide to Hiring Millenials September 5, 2014

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Their aptitude is undeniable: technology is their forte, they are creative, and they are connected. Unfortunately, many managers are weary of hiring millennials since they assume millennials lack loyalty and are easily distracted. The problem isn’t with millennials, but with the manager’s approach.

Develop an Effective Hiring Strategy

The inability to hire and retain millennials underscores the lack of agility in any company’s human resource strategy. The ability to adapt to changes in the market is a key strength for companies, and hiring millennials requires agility. Bruce Kasanoff of Forbes explains that managers must be flexible in their endeavors with millennials in How to Hire, Manage and Motivate Millennials.

Small changes in the hiring process can lead to huge rewards with millennials. For instance, adjusting interview questions, so that managers aren’t asking hypothetical questions, helps with context during the interview. Managers can also ask them about their expectations in order to eliminate millennials that aren’t a good fit for the organization.

Utilize Tools That Streamline the Hiring Process

Many companies leverage technology as a competitive advantage within their IT department, but fail to do so when it comes to human resources. Word of mouth and an in-house online application is a great start, but these approaches limit exposure. Investing in an Applicant Tracking System is a better option.

Applicant Tracking systems consolidate information about candidates into one central repository. But, the system’s strengths doesn’t stop there. These systems are robust, and include features like:

  • Integration with job boards
  • Requisition management
  • Candidate analysis
  • Cost tracking
  • Searchable resumes
  • Keyword searches
  • User controls

All of these features help managers assess which millennial is truly an asset to the company. Additionally, these systems reduce time and save money for organization.

Think Bigger

Kansanoff explains managers who “aggressively adopt a growth mindset will flourish.” There is no place for complacency within any organization. With an eye on talent and acquiring knowledge workers, managers have to assess where gaps in their hiring process in order to acquire fresh talent. How can you attract more millennials? What motivates millennials to remain with employers for years? Answers to these questions help managers secure millennials, allowing the organization to leverage their perspective, creativity and technological prowess. If not, untapped millennial talent will rest with the competition.

Avoiding millennials because of their weaknesses isn’t hurting millennials, but the entire company. It highlights deficiencies within the human resource strategy, and places the company in a defensive position. Adapting the hiring process, incorporating effective human resource tools and adopting a growth mindset help human resource managers secure millennial talent.