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Look Within For Your Hidden Talent August 25, 2014

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It does sound like a phrase from a martial arts movie, but looking within for your hidden talents comes into play when hiring for your company.  When it comes to finding talent for your company, there are many places to look. Online job boards, social media sites, and even in the application pile that’s stacked sky high on your desk are all places that you’ll be sure to find job candidates.

But one place hiring managers often fail to turn to is sitting right in front of them; internally.

You know your workers better than anyone. From their work ethics to their ability to show up every day on time, use these insights to determine whether or not anyone from within would be worth pushing up the ladder. Not only does promoting an internal worker take away from having to recruit someone on the outside, it will also prove to be less expensive in terms of training.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your internal hiring efforts, make sure to follow the three tips outlined below.

Create a Plan that Promotes Internal Hiring
If you want to move your internal employees up the ladder, you must have a plan in place that recognizes their talents. You must also have a plan that informs these workers of available positions. There are many instances in which your top worker would have agreed to move up in the ranks had she known there was a position open.

Give Your Best Workers Reasons to Stay
If you want your top talent to stay with you, it’s a good idea to give them reason after reason. From paid vacation time to showing them they have opportunities to be promoted, there are many ways you can keep your best workers on board. Also, keep in mind that promotions should be offered at all levels. After all, without the little man, your company might just fall apart. From janitors to accountants to marketing directors, internal hiring can take place from the bottom of the totem pole on up.

Use an Applicant Tracking System
Regardless of your current hiring processes, using an applicant tracking system is of the utmost value. If you’re already using one, then that’s great. Just make sure that it allows you to limit open position announcements to internal employees. After a certain period of time, then you could open up permission for outside applicants to apply, but before doing so, you should want your current workers to have first dibs.

The Takeaway
The next time you’re looking to fill an open position, first take a look at what you’ve already got, and see if any internal workers will be a good fit.



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