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How to Hire Long Term Employees March 14, 2014

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With the rapidly evolving business landscape, human resource management departments face many challenges. The first challenge is attracting qualified candidates. Integrated technology systems like the applicant tracking system (ATS) allow a company’s recruitment staff to collect and store a candidate’s data and monitor and track all stages of the hiring process. This software can also be used to post job openings, screen resumes and generate interview questions via email. It streamlines the whole employee-seeking process and helps companies select the best candidates for potential hire. Today, human resource staff needs to leverage technology to enhance their function in an organization.

Once the right applicant has been hired, it’s essential that employers keep them long term. What’s the price tag of the loss of a good employee? Experts put the cost between 70 to 200 percent of the employee’s compensation. Of course, the compensation system must be designed to motivate employees and the benefit packages should be structured to meet employee needs, but it takes more than that to keep today’s employees. The old notion of just happy that you have a job is a fast ticket to employee turnover.

Employee retention studies have revealed that what really influences employees to stay is meaningful work, an opportunity to learn, recognition and a positive work environment. Human resource managers should ensure that these strategic organizational factors are in place. Training programs should be available for employees to grow and advance. Take the time to discover employee learning needs and wants. Opportunities for learning can include in-house training programs, outside workshops and reimbursement for college courses.

Leveraging the manager-employee relationship helps build trust and creates an attractive work environment. While mentors and trainers have their value, the employee’s manager has the greatest influence. It’s best to have one in place who is approachable, fair and helpful. When an employee’s direct manager is less than pleasant, employees run for the exit door. Managers and supervisors should have relationship training programs. The more knowledge these key players have on how to work effectively with people on a one-to-one level, the more likely strong bonds will develop to help retain employees.

Getting the employee’s families involved in the company culture also creates a positive work atmosphere. Take employees and their families out to dinner when major milestones have been met and hold special social activities, such as holiday parties, birthday celebrations and family picnics. It’s both fun and creates good will.

Keeping valuable employees is a challenge that companies can meet with the right strategies.



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