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Software Will Help Your Hiring Process Become Efficient December 2, 2013

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The methods used for recruiting and hiring individuals are changing rapidly. Whereas a face to face interview and a short list of recommendations were the hiring requirements of yesteryear, the technological world of today is much different. Internet technology allows individuals to search for jobs online, while employers can hire employees using videos, email notifications and online applications. Human resources now recruit individuals using more advanced web based methods including applicant tracking systems.

While typical online job boards allow employers and potential employees to connect via the web, a top notch ATS takes the process to the next level. This web based human resource service sorts through standard resumes to determine which applicants fit the needs of employers who have paid to use the system.

Once applicants are streamlined for the top choice candidates, an ATS typically will email these individuals to request that they fill out an application for a particular employer and job position. Along with the application an applicant often will also be prompted to submit written statements answering questions that add value in terms of what they can offer to that company or position. The candidate also may even video tape their responses to a selection of questions that allow them to expand on their qualifications, as well as to showcase their personality and character.

Many modern day applicant tracking systems will even take hiring into real world application. For example an applicant is given a scenario that involves completing a task that is on target with what would be expected of them if they were to be hired. While the process is not completely realistic in terms of time and scope, task simulation such as this can create a more well rounded image of the job candidates as they perform in real time.

Human resource personnel who are looking for ways to become more in tune with today’s technology should take clues from modern applicant tracking systems. These sophisticaed programs allow HR managers to collect data regarding potential candidates looking for employment in a specific area, in addition to finding job candidates who have more precise value. By utilizing online application processes potentially even including video interviews and task simulations, you can streamline the process for efficiency and accuracy.

In the end, HR personnel like hiring managers and recruiters will provide a required ‘human touch’ to truly decide if a job applicant is a good fit with company culture, however havin a wealth of ATS tools at their disposal will help them drastically ‘whittle’ down the potential candidate field.



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