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New Hiring Technology is Changing the Recruitment Game November 1, 2013

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When it comes to hiring new employees, the hiring game is different from what it was ten and even five years ago. Because of technology, it’s no longer about putting an ad in the paper, conducting an interview, and hoping that you choose the best candidate. Now there are games and other forms of technology that provide you with useful information about the candidates.

Wasabi Waiter is a game that was created by Knack.it. It looks like a lot of the other multitasking games where people have to cook, serve, clear orders, and manage a variety of other tasks in order to clear the level and continue through the game. This is being used by a lot of companies because there is a lot of analysis going on.

Within the game, it is measuring player behavior, emotion recognition, and a long list of other attributes that will help to determine if someone is going to be a god employee or not. Big data metrics can make the most of your interview sessions. Instead of asking open-ended questions where you ask things like “Tell me of a situation when… ” you can hand someone a video game and let their actions speak for you.

Knack.it isn’t the only one providing employee statistics. There are various other players in the world of technology that are producing games, questionnaires, and other things to help you find out more about the candidates. When you have more data about an employee, you can learn about their likelihood of job hopping as well as their overall work ethic.

Algorithms are not designed to replace the interview process – they are designed to enhance it. If you hire a better person for your organization based upon the details you got from the algorithm analysis, you will be able to keep more people employed – and thus reduce the number of interviews you conduct throughout the year. This is going to save you money by reducing turnover and improving overall productivity.

There are all sorts of tools that you can use in today’s day and age to help you with the hiring process. An applicant tracking system allows you to make short work of digging through resumes by being able to use keywords to identify certain features or characteristics of a person. You can also closely monitor the applicants to ensure you have not lost sight of anyone you are interested in.

As you stay up on the new Hiring Technology, you can obtain more applicants and find the best individuals for the job. It’s inevitable that you will have to hire from time to time, though if you use the newest technology, you can find a better applicant when it’s necessary.




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