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Customize Your Careers Page to Define Your Company’s Job Openings October 21, 2013

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Hiring employees for positions within organizations has until recently been prioritized around the Job Description Skills required in the applicant. The personnel manager or Human Resources department would issue a printed job description including an applicant’s required skills and education requirements. What they inevitably end up with is not a performance list of what is needed for that certain job, but a list of details about an unknown person.They had actually descried a possible applicant rather than describe the duties the job needs to be performed. Needless to say, a list of the performance needed would hasten the steps to a good match between applicant and job.

First things first: Be absolutely certain that the open job billet has been advertised in custom employment career sheets subscribed and seen by the correct applicants who can perform the job duties. Next, be absolutely certain your job announcement describes the performance required, not the person.

Too many times the personnel manager believes his own experience enhances him with an instinct for” knowing the right person when I see him”. This, of course, is an egocentric approach that will only find persons who have the same interests and personality traits as the manager. This would have no bearing on the performance needed on the actual job vacancy being filled. Common sense approaches to modern business may be a novel concept, but it is one that works, and without the delays, re-runs and failure encountered when a job description actually describes a person, but the duties of the position.

Today’s Human Resources and Personnel Departments have the advantages of using technical software that enables them to more accurately select employees based on their performance abilities. Moreover, the manager who takes a brief tour of the actual job area where an opening has developed is miles ahead in wise decision making when using the employment hiring software only as a supplemental tool. On the job area tour the manager should asses the work situation in the department and have short conferences with the department manager to determine exactly what the new employee will have to do, repair, replace, or improve.

Never mind the applicant’s past employment, past colleges and if the applicant was formerly in charge of a department of 200 personnel. Leave that to the background check to determine education, honesty, patriotism, loyalty and charitable endeavors. What the applicant has to actually do in working this job is what counts and will make a successful match of applicant and job billet.

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