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The Latest Employee Referral Programs July 12, 2013

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Your employee’s referral program needs to be updated on a regular basis. This means not only using the latest technology but taking advantage of all of the current trends. If you are still expecting employees to turn in resumes of friends by hands or for applicants to write in the name of the person they are referring on the application, you need to bring your referral program up to date.

According to HR World, there are many perks of an employee referral program. This includes employee referral monetary bonuses being a morale booster and that this form of recruitment can be the most affordable option. Additionally, when you are trying to fill higher positions, having someone “in the know” about another person can ensure you find out all you need to know before you hire this position.

One of the hottest trends in employee referral programs is social media. This means that employees have the ability to reach out to their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms to tell people about open positions. When you enable this feature, you can be sure to get more resumes than ever before.

Your employees will love the ability to use social media for employee referrals because it is easy for them to spread the word. When you use a tracking system, you also ensure that all of your employees are rewarded properly if you choose to hire someone that they have referred. The older methods that you may be using may make it hard to give credit where it’s due, which means that you probably don’t have a lot of referrals coming in.

If you already use an applicant tracking system for incoming resumes, you can likely add an employee referral tracking component to it. This allows you to keep track of all possibilities for open positions and ensure that the referrals are being tracked in an organized fashion.

If your employee referral program isn’t up to date, you are spending more time on resumes and tracking referrals than you need to. Computers are able to do a lot because of different software programs. You and your HR department can benefit considerably by letting a software program do a majority of the work for you.

It’s not just the software that needs to be updated. Look at the reward you are handing out for people to submit a referral to the company. If it’s a cash reward, make it a good number. Remember that it’s saving you a lot of money in recruitment. It’s also a morale booster.

When you decide to update our employee referral program, you will see more resumes coming in for open positions and happier employees because of the rewards they get for sending potential new employees your way.



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