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Applicant Tracking Systems Make Hiring Simple June 27, 2013

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Applicant tracking systems have proven to be one of the most effective tools a Human Resources department can have. Their convenience and time saving qualities allow members of management to expedite the application process and choose the best candidate for the job.

Applicant tracking systems provide a company with the necessary feedback to make an informed choice when hiring for a specific position. The types of information received through an applicant tracking system include job history, past experience, education, recommendations and references. Information is gathered from internal applications as well as job boards. Data mining techniques used by applicant tracking services gathers information from any location where it is publicly available and includes it in feedback reports generated for prospective employers.

The analytics used in generating reports for employers involve compiling as much pertinent information as possible and preparing it in a concise and accurate format. Employers are able to look at several possible candidates at one time and compare each one’s benefits to the others to make sure they are getting a detailed look at what is being represented. When a company has one position open and several qualified applicants, being able to look at a single, informative report concerning what applicants are available for the job will help them make a wise decision.

Accurate Reporting 
Applicant tracking systems compare information from a variety of public and private sources. The information received is checked for accuracy and compiled in such a way, that any discrepancies are quickly noticed and flagged. Job boards like Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com can only do so much when it comes to verifying the accuracy of an applicant’s information, but applicant tracking systems are able to go much deeper and find discrepancies websites may overlook. When reports are compiled, applicants are ranked according to skill level, employment history and a variety of other criteria that has passed through the tracking system.

Applicant tracking systems provide necessary information for companies seeking to hire new employees. It takes the guesswork out of tracking down the information. Companies no longer have to rely on information provided by the applicant alone. Instead they can tap into the vast amount of information available through the internet. Applicant tracking systems gives them an in-depth look at each employee without the worry of having to do all of the research for themselves. This not only saves them money by expediting the hiring process, it saves man-hours that can be used furthering the companies original goals.



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