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New Ways to Hire in 2013 June 14, 2013

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It is likely that your parents taught you to think ahead. “Don’t forget to pack your books,” “Take an umbrella in case it rains.” From the time you were old enough to forget something, you were encouraged to plan ahead. The writer Steve Douglas said, “Your future is always more valuable than today, the sooner you realize that the better.”

The need to plan for the future becomes more intricate as you age. The things you’re planning for really begin to matter. For example, you don’t just expect a college fund or retirement income to appear without proper planning. And so it is with hiring practices as you build a business. The failure to think ahead, to picture your company 10 years down the road, can cost you.

The goal is to grow your business by employing people who are likely to grow right along with it. Now is a great time for hiring. The market is flooded with talent, full of people who would love nothing more than to become part of your organization.

The first question then is how to find these potential employees. It wasn’t so long ago that a sign hanging in the window was enough to lure in new applicants. While a small advertisement in a local paper or sign in the window might still do the trick, you can cast a much wider net by using technology to reach the greatest number of talented people.

The New York Times reports that websites like LinkedIn have become recruiting tools. With more than 200 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has become a part of the professional landscape. As such, employers with special niches to fill are finding a bevy of qualified candidates by combing the site. It is estimated that 80 percent of the candidates contacted through LinkedIn are not actively pursuing a new job, but could be interested in the right opportunity.

While small business owners frequently use LinkedIn’s free service, larger companies can pay up to $50,000 a year for a subscription to “Recruiter,” LinkedIn’s all-out recruiting tool. Recruiter allows employers full access to all LinkedIn profiles and even goes so far as to draft the messages sent to potential job candidates.

In terms of conducting a wider search, companies list job openings on sites such as Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, Simplyhired, Glass Door, Aol Jobs, Snagajob, USAJobs, and others. Experienced recruiters have learned how to use keywords to filter for experience level and education.

Applicant tracking systems are a tool that companies turn to in order to weed out resumes that don’t appear to meet their hiring needs. Such systems look for particular keywords on each resume and discard those that don’t offer the correct words.

While it takes time and effort to comb through the applicants gathered after casting a wider net, it also gives you the opportunity to hire the employees who can best help your company grow.



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