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Should You Utilize a P2P Hiring Systems? May 31, 2013

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There is a new trend in the world of human resources and that’s using peer 2 peer hiring systems, commonly known as P2P. This includes a variety of different websites dedicated to providing peers to small and medium sized businesses to ensure they are able to get the help they need – at the costs that can be afforded as well as when the help is needed.

Sites such as Elance have become extremely popular because it allows businesses to connect with individuals who are offering up their services. Elance and other sites like it started out as web designers and other tech-savvy positions offering up assistance for everything from web page design to logo design.

Now, the P2P hiring systems have evolved to offer a wide range of services that include legal and marketing services. Essentially, if it can be done in front of the computer, businesses will be able to hire these people to obtain the services needed. This can make it more affordable to obtain services without dealing with full-time hiring, paying benefits and much more.

There are now other P2P hiring systems that have come about recently as well, such as TaskRabbit. These companies are helping businesses to obtain local assistance for temporary help. This allows businesses to obtain the help they need for a variety of local things, including POS work, photography, deliveries and much more. Everyone who signs up with the site is given a background check and ready to go.

With companies like this, it allows companies to obtain the assistance they need for the short-term. This is ideal for large-scale projects as well as for seasonal help.

When it comes to full-time, permanent hiring, however, these P2P hiring systems are not what you would want to use. Instead, it is better to use dedicated applicant tracking systems to find out who is applying for the positions and search through the options to find out who has the most qualifications. This makes it easier to learn about the people and determine who is the right fit.

More technology has allowed businesses of a small and medium size to compete with the larger companies without using the same level of resources. With an applicant tracking system in place, it can be easy to learn about a wide range of candidates via electronically submitted applications as well as through other medium, such as social media and paper resumes.

When you utilize technology to its fullest potential, you can always find the right employee depending on what kind of talent you need, P2P or dedicated applicant tracking systemsmay be the way to go.



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