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Mobile Hiring Applications Are Integral for Today’s Employers March 8, 2013

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Human resources departments in computer and technology companies need to keep up to date with mobile applications. Actually mobile applications applies to all type of work, because most industries use the computer. With so many job hunters using mobile phones and tablets, the traditional online job search has changed.

Mobile user don’t appreciate job websites that take more than 5 to 10 seconds to download. Your company will lose some good job candidates when you don’t use applications that optimize your website for mobile users. Many people use mobile phones at work, home, or when driving. The are trying to search for a job when not at work or commuting by bus or train. Job search sites like CareerBuilder and Indeed have found the amount of mobile searches by applicants has doubled.

Employees want to search at lunch time and apply quickly. If the applications process is too time consuming, they will not return or followup. Sometimes these are the best candidates, especially for high tech jobs that require certain skills. When your job websites is not optimized for mobile devices someone calling from a smartphone often sees small print that they cannot read. Surprisingly only two percent of Fortune 500 companies have applications for mobile job searches. This means that they lose out on these candidates.

Some job sites offer employers mobile applications geared to mobile users so they can get more candidates to apply. It let’s them send a resume and answer questions that are hard on traditional job search sites with mobile phones and tablets. Yet, few companies use these simple applications losing dozens of good candidates this way. If your human resources use an applicant tracking system you can upgrade to a new system of software that includes mobile features.

An applicant tracking system with social media features would help a company recruit applicants on Facebook and other social media sites. This is not unheard of because many businesses have a Facebook page that customers and employees visit. The tracking system should make your website optimized for smart phone and other mobile devices. Now many tracking applications have a feature that allows mobile users better access and interaction.

Many US workers telecommute or work from a satellite office, client, home or cafe so a cloud enabled applicant tracking system helps you attract the mobile and tablet users. When it comes to recruiting new applicants, human resources departments need to upgrade their applicant tracking system to attract more mobile job search.



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