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Make Your Hiring Decisions the Smart Way January 25, 2013

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When you hear about recruiting software, the first thing that comes to your mind is how it streamlines the process of recruitment and integrates the different sources into a single system for better management. However, it does a lot more than finding the best candidate for the given job. It makes it easy for the HR personnel to track applicants based on their qualifications and experience. Moreover, this software makes it a breeze to handle external as well as internal recruitment and helps the hiring manager to make the best choices when it comes to finding the right candidate for a position.

How does this applicant tracking work? When a potential applicant applies for a job in the company, his or her personal details, contact information, qualifications and experience are stored in the software’s database. When a new position opens up within the company, all that the hiring manager has to do is search the database for the right candidates. The hiring manager can specify the criteria for search and the software will pull up the details of candidates who meet the criteria. With this limited pool of candidates, the hiring manager can schedule interviews and hire the one that is perfect for the job.

There are many advantages in using this software for applicant tracking. Firstly, it is a big time, effort and money saver for the company. The company does not have to spend additional resources to advertise the position through different sources. Also, the recruitment process is fairly quick because the hiring manager works with a smaller group of people who have shown interest in working for the company earlier. The hiring manager does not have to sift through hundreds of applicants again and all this means more productivity for the company. Due to these reasons, most recruiting software doubles up as applicant trackers too.

Besides tracking applicants, these online systems also play a role in personnel decision-making. It enhances the quality of decisions because of the extensive information available about each of the potential candidates. Through this software, it’s possible to know everything about an employee or potential candidate – from his or her residency status to the current job. This makes it more convenient for the HR personnel to evaluate the skills of a person and to determine if he or she is the right fit for a position. Also, a lot of these software programs are intuitive and this means, it can keep track of the HR manager’s current decisions and provide inputs for future decisions.

This applicant tracking system’s role in decision-making and hiring enhances its value to an organization. The returns from investing in such software are huge and this is something that no organization can afford to overlook. Whether it’s a small business or a large multinational organization, the benefits that the organization gets from the software is immense and this is why more and more companies are looking for web-based software that will simplify their process and boost their productivity.



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