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Improve your HR Department in 2013 With Applicant Tracking January 11, 2013

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ImageThe hiring process can be both fun, and intimidating. Talking to new people about one of their favorite topics, themselves, and getting to talk about one of your favorite topics, your company, can provide for some of the best opportunities to help guide the direction of a business or company. The intimidating and stressful part of the process is finding the right person to fill a spot.

All too often it is almost like throwing darts when trying to fill a position. There might be dozens of applicants, most of their applications and resumes look like everyone else’s. In short order it seems as though it is hard to differentiate one applicant from another. One of the best ways to help sort the quality applicant from the duds, and a way to organize them after the interview is to use our tracking software.

By using tracking software, an employer no longer has to devote file cabinet drawers to job applications, resumes, and references. Everything the employer needs will be collected electronically. The job opening can even be sent to multiple employment websites with one push of a button. The applicant can then fill out the online application, list their references and it will go to the HR department’s inbox.

Another time burner is calling all of the references for each person who may earn an interview. This automated system will send an email to all references listed, and these people can then rate the potential candidate and once again, an email goes to HR. If references refuse to respond, that is probably a warning and a time saver.

Another benefit to using tracking software is that each candidate, whether interviewed or not, can be kept in the system without taking up any space. Sometimes a new employee doesn’t work out, or another opening occurs. All of the information from those who were interviewed but not hired, and even those not interviewed are there to be reviewed without having to sort through file cabinets and without having to hope that nothing was misfiled or lost in the meantime.

Using applicant tracking software allows HR departments to keep their focus on talking to applicants and finding the right fit for job openings. The time saved by not messing with a lot of paper and other headaches involved with traditional employment practices makes for more focused better hiring practices.



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