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ATS Software with Background Check Functionality December 15, 2012

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Recruiters and hiring managers in a company’s human resources department sometimes set up and begin using applicant tracking software (ATS) as quickly as they can to help them organize and streamline their employee hiring process. Later, however, they may come to realize that they are not operating as efficiently as possible, as they have to turn to another third-party solution to handle background checks.

Keeping applicant tracking data in one system and background checking data in another system is not an ideal practice for HR departments, especially when a company has a large number of candidates to evaluate. When timing is critical, having access to all the relevant applicant information in one place is enormously helpful.

Otherwise, companies run into situations where they have to dedicate one or more employees to manually transferring the background check information into the system that holds the rest of the recruitment data for each applicant. Besides taking more time, having to copy data from one system to another can lead to the introduction of errors that can stymie the hiring process.

Having inaccurate information may result in an organization missing out on an otherwise qualified and vetted candidate. In a worst-case scenario, a hiring manager might even inadvertently hire someone who hadn’t actually passed a proper background check.

Whether a recruiter uses standalone software that resides on the company’s server or takes advantage of software that is available online as a service via subscription, it’s always important to do thorough background checks on each new hire. Protecting the safety of existing employees and the company’s facilities is of paramount importance, and there is no justifiable excuse for failing to conduct background checks.

Background check software used separately from ATS software may wind up costing an organization more in the long run. The company has to purchase separate software packages, and then take the time to train human resources managers on how to use both applications. Troubleshooting and questions for technical support may take twice as long because two different solutions are being used.

However, hiring managers and recruiters are beginning to see the benefits of applicant tracking solutions that have integrated features that can perform background checks on applicants.

The HR department’s employees save time because as soon as they begin processing a potential applicant through the ATS module of the software, they can send the data to the background-screening module.

It’s crucial for human resources departments to screen job candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible, and using an integrated approach that combines ATS with background screenings is a step in the right direction.



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