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Mobile Hiring Applications – A Recruiter’s Mobile Toolkit November 16, 2012

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Recruiters are faced with the overwhelming task of sorting through tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of resumes when it comes to finding the perfect candidates for jobs, but recruitment software has made it so much easier to sort through all of these resumes and let the more qualified applicants step to the front of the line. This makes the hiring process much more productive. Even so, the efficiency of recruitment software has also sped up the need for professional recruiters to produce results, so the demand in their work has increased as well. That is why mobile hiring apps have been introduced.

The “on the go” approach to the recruitment process has become the norm with many recruiting professionals. The desktop or laptop computer is often the homebase for many and sometimes you need to access your information while in transit or at a moment’s notice. Mobile hiring apps allows you to do this via hundreds of apps that can help a recruiter with all their hiring needs.

There are basic apps that provide a dashboard that give you all the recruitment necessities you would have at your desktop computer.Some apps allow the user to do background checks and tax screenings.In addition, it reduces legal liabilities that, in turn, go in line with compliance regulations. some other apps serves as a sort of social networking service for recruiters, allowing them to collaborate with the network of other recruiters.

Mobile hiring apps have also become a prime source of sourcing and networking. With location-based technology such as FourSquare and Path, beamME uses the location in your company’s (or your own) profile and quickly finds people around you. From there, you can share social network account information such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – or you can meet in-person and talk. All of this is based on your real time location and works well with job fairs and conferences. Google Power Search and Auto Search are basically sophisticated search engines that comb the Internet for potential job candidates. These search engines side step the tedious task of searching individual sites. This not only makes it easier and efficient for recruiters, but it also maximizes their time.

There are a multitude of mobile hiring apps that are helpful for specific tasks such as sourcing or organizing files, but there are also apps that give your smart phone the recruitment software abilities found on your desk top. All of which provide a great amount of help for recruiting professionals.



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