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Pre Employment Screening Services Can Streamline the Process July 27, 2012

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There’s a lot involved in the applicant management process. There is some information that your applicant tracking system and your recruiting software just can’t collect for you. Somebody has to find the time to make the necessary follow up phone calls, for example. Speaking directly with personal references, former supervisors and managers, and the records offices of various educational institutions for a single potential hire is time consuming enough. Multiply that by the number of recruits on your short list for filling available positions within your organization and that is a lot of phone time. No wonder so many people take short cuts in that area.

Unfortunately, people also find themselves regretting those short cuts from time to time. The results of letting some of the more time consuming elements of the pre employment screening process slide can be costly. However, there is another option, one that is gaining in usage among businesses. Pre employment screening services offer a short cut that doesn’t involve sacrificing information to the simple fact that you and your staff work hard and don’t have time to play phone tag or detective. There are a broad range of service providers of this type to choose from because of the varying nature of positions in the workplace that need to be filled.

Different industries have different priority requirements. A past that reveals casual college era drug use, for example, may not be that big of a deal for a graphic design position. Combine that with a lot of credit report that shows a lot of debt and financial struggle in evaluating a potential prison guard, and you have somebody potentially vulnerable to bribes to bring in contraband. Therefore, it is important to take your time and select a screening service provider offering services that match your hiring requirement priorities. For the average business, however, the standard sorts of services will suffice.

One of the important services to take advantage of is the personal contact with and verification of references, both personal and professional. Another, with the amount of identity theft seen today, is identity verification services. There are reasons people work under an assumed name, and most of them point to the type of person you really don’t need working for you. Other more specialized pre screening software services can include such things as aptitude tests for specific positions, questionnaires designed to offer a bit of information about potential hires’ general ethical standards, such as how they feel about employee theft and what they are obligated to do about it, how they manage conflict, and other factors relating to employee reliability and effectiveness.

There are many affordable services that can help to make your pre hire processes more streamlined and efficient. Time is often one of the most finite resources a businessperson has to deal with. Potential hires know that almost as well as do those that are doing the hiring. That’s why so many applicants are prone to a bit of exaggeration or even outright falsehoods. They know that there’s a pretty good chance of misinformation being missed. Taking advantage of the protection offered to your business by these types of services is a smart business move that will help you to assemble a better quality, more reliable staff.



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