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Web based Recruiting Software Changes Everything for a Human Resources Department December 31, 2011

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The way it’s currently done works, no doubt about that, but the availability of a system that cuts

down on time and costs, and speeds up the headhunting process is too good an opportunity
to pass up. I’m talking about Web based job recruiting software as a tool to hasten the work of
Human Resources Managers all over the world.

It used to be (it still is in many places) that when a company was in need of people, it would
place an ad in a newspaper of general circulation. Careful attention is usually made to make
the ad jump out of the Classified Ads page and grab prospective applicants’ attention. Ad
placements don’t come cheap, and it’s a horrible waste of money for the ad to generate only
half a dozen responses. Besides, the ad should attract good prospects, and, usually, the more
responses there are, the better the chances that some good candidates will emerge.

Depending on the number of responses, the ad may be placed again. As the responses come
in, the applications will be screened, with the more promising ones going to the shortlist, while
the rest will be receiving “Thank you, but…” letters soon. The shortlist of prospects will be
contacted for a series of interviews and testing, normally no more than three to four each day,
to determine how they measure up against the desirable qualities the job demands. All this
information becomes part of a file on that particular applicant.

The system works, no doubt about that, but there’s a better way than just running print ads.
Web based recruiting software offers an electronic alternative, one that gives you the lowest
possible recruitment and hiring costs. Applicant tracking software does that by speeding up
the management of resumes and applicant information. You advertise your need online, and
applicants apply online. Their curriculum vitae are stored online and retrieved online.

Using the traditional way, you get to reach only to those who buy the newspaper which carries
your ad. Not so with Web based job recruitment software systems; your market is the entire
world. For instance, if you’re looking for a VP of Operations for your oil interests in Dubai who
speaks Arabic and has a working familiarity with the Arab mind, and who has stayed in the
Emirates for at least five years, you won’t find that person by advertising in the Sunday paper.
You need to go to the web for that. Job recruitment software providers often have tie ups with
job and resume boards like Monster, Hotjobs, and Career Builder, expanding your data mining
reach. The bottom line: lower recruitment and hiring cost.

HR needs to fill positions quickly, so it doesn’t really matter much how HR does it, right? Wrong.
In the first place, there are a number of ways to find candidates, each one associated with a
particular cost and a specific area of effectiveness. Candidates could be found at career fairs or
campus interviews and the cost per hire would be low, but then what kind of candidates would
HR come up with for that VP of Operations job? The likes of the vacancy would probably dictate
a newspaper ad, or candidates generated by job portals or recruitment vendors, but would the
cost then be what the company could afford? Look into web based recruiting software for your
HR department. You’ll eliminate the problems, the costs, and the extra work you have to do if
you use those other, older, inefficient and less effective methods.



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