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Prepare for the Next Wave of New Hires With Applicant Tracking Software August 4, 2010

Posted by Darwin in applicant tracking.
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Every month the unemployment numbers become the latest barometer as to how the economy is doing. The slightest movement up or down can send shock waves through Wall Street and Main Street. Lower numbers means more people are back at work. High numbers means more folks are looking for work. One thing is for sure, as long as the numbers remain high there is going to be an increasing strain on the recruitment process. Fewer jobs plus more applicants looking for those jobs can equal major stress. However, if you are using an up to date applicant tracking software program you might just be able to ride the wave of new hires and maintain your value to your own employers.

Utilizing an applicant tracking software program means you’ll be building your own custom database of potential staff members. Whether you are working for one specific company or you have multiple recruiting accounts, you’ll be able to maintain a complete set of data points for each applicant with the right tracking program. Having easy access to this database will come into play when meeting the demands of hiring one person, a management team or an entire staff. You’ll be able to separate qualified candidates into appropriate categories based on their previous job training, education and experience.

There’s a very strong chance that once you put an ad out into the marketplace, you could be flooded with resumes. Importing these submissions through your applicant tracking program can help organize, maintain and eliminate. You don’t want to spend valuable work hours shifting through files to find the right candidates for follow-up interviews.

Applicant tracking software isn’t just about collecting applications but also about getting out the word and following up. With tracking software you’ll be able to set up customized careers portals which can attract a variety of talent. Before the internet, you basically had two or three hometown papers to advertise in. Now your reach can be global.

Once you’ve accumulated the applications, you’ll want to follow-up with a response. The idea is to maintain a professional level of courtesy while being as efficient as possible. Applicant tracking software can help store drafts of follow-up emails. A polite thank you note can go a long way. You never know; that one special thank you note could be going to a future boss. This is one area where you don’t want to burn any bridges.

Attracting the best talent for an open position is going to be a positive reflection on your abilities as a recruiter or a company.  Using applicant tracking software shows that you are keeping ahead of marketplace trends and staying on the cutting edge of technology.



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