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How applicant tracking can help hiring managers March 3, 2010

Posted by Darwin in applicant tracking.
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Congratulations! You’ve just been hired as a human resources hiring manager. Or even better, you’re already working in that position. It’s a good paycheck, and you like your line of work. Now the real question you need to ask is if you are performing up to expectations? Can you take your job to the next level and prove how truly invaluable you are? Of course you can and the way to accomplish that is through efficiency. That is where a thorough applicant tracking software program can come into play.

Utilizing applicant tracking software means you’ll be able to provide your employer with the most comprehensive and up to date listing of past, current and future staff members, with the end goal of attracting better talent to the company.

An Applicant tracking solution is essentially a complete database of all the potential employees who have applied for any job within your company. The end goal of applicant tracking software is to attract the most qualified talent to your company. Typically, the application process will begin with a resume. As you’re well aware, the first wave of new resumes will probably be sent to you via email.

You’ll want to find an applicant tracking program that can upload those resumes and convert them to a database that will be easy for you to access. Keep in mind that these resumes could come in many forms such as a Word DOC, PDF, text file or anything else. You’ll want to make sure that the applicant tracking software you are using can upload all of those types of files into one easy to read system. And that access is extremely important. Naturally, your applicant tracking system should provide all the pertinent information of a prospective employee such as phone numbers, email addresses, previous work history and any letters of recommendation. These are the basic elements of the applicant tracking database but you can customize your system to take full advantage of it.

For instance, you should be able to build a set of key word search commands into your applicant tracking system such as “management, support, maintenance, IT,” etc. This will allow you to find the applicant with the specific qualifications for the position without searching through every file in your database. You should also be able to flag certain applicants who might not have been awarded a job on a particular hiring cycle but they are certainly someone you want to stay in contact with for future reference.

You can further expand your categories by breaking down applicants in terms of years of experience, training or certifications. Speaking of certifications, a large component of many company’s business could mean having work through government contracts. This in turn means it will fall to the recruiter to provide the stringent compliance restrictions when it comes to hiring procedures. With a strong applicant tracking system, you should be able to instantly provide compliance reports for the EEOC, OFCCP. This is going to save a lot of time in administrative duties.

The bottom line is that by using a powerful applicant tracking software program you’ll be able to instantly tell your boss, “I’ve got the perfect employee for you!” And doesn’t that make you the perfect employee?



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