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Why look to Applicant Tracking? January 7, 2010

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You can’t pick up a newspaper or flip on the television news without seeing yet another dire report on the state of our economy. Whether the Wall Street market is up or down or where the GDP is currently hovering at, this is really like riding a wild roller coaster. Anxieties are high. Central to these economic woes is the state of the job market. As a company recruiter you are on the front line of these struggles. You’re the proverbial gatekeeper between the applicants and management.

Basically this means that a company’s fortunes can rise and fall with the people you hire. As a result, even HR managers may find themselves at risk of being displaced in these turbulent times. All of this means that you’ve got to make sure you’re on top of your company’s applicant tracking. Making yourself an indispensable member of any company is how you stay employed and productive.  You can achieve that kind of job security with a strong applicant tracking program.

Simply put, applicant tracking is the means by which prospective employees are recruited and assessed. In order to best serve your company, this process needs to be streamline and efficient. For instance, how many interviews does a current applicant go through before they are truly considered for the position they are applying for? Chances are, many companies do extraneous interviews that might have been in place long before you became part of the company. Utilizing a comprehensive applicant tracking program can help eliminate these “extra steps.”

A strong applicant tracking program can also help a company maintain a database of worthy applicants. In today’s job market you will be meeting more than one qualified applicant for each position. As a company shifts its priorities and strategies you need to be able to provide them with the best staff. By accessing your applicant tracking program you can instantly know who is ready to assume any role in your company. You won’t have to start the interview process all over again because the applicant’s information will be readily available. Applicant tracking systems can also help you stay in touch with prospective employees who might not have obtained the job they applied for but would still be a valuable asset to the company if another position were to open up.

As mentioned, the goal with applicant tracking is to make the recruiting process viable. When a company is forced to restructure their workforce through cut backs or lay offs then the burden of productively remains on those who are still on the job. With applicant tracking you’ll be able to identify which of the current employees are up to the challenge or which possible new employees will be a better fit.

Nobody likes change but change in the workplace is inevitable. You can stay on top of that change with an efficient applicant tracking process. This ease of operation allows recruiters to spend more time concentrating on finding the perfect employee and less time on cumbersome filing systems. Whether you are a recruiter, hiring manager, or corporate executive – an applicant tracking system can allow a business hiring process evolve to become far more efficient and accessible.



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