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All I Want for Christmas is Applicant Tracking Software December 18, 2009

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I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking after reading this article’s title is, why the heck would I want Applicant Tracking Software for Christmas?  That doesn’t sound like a cheery or fun holiday gift.   This article is specifically speaking to business owners, hiring managers or recruiters that live and breathe the process of managing incoming job applicants.
Even though applicant tracking software doesn’t sound sexy, for businesses across the country it can make hiring far easier and more efficient.  With the new job stimulus kicking into effect, many companies that were previously downsizing for the past two years will begin to fire up their hiring programs again.
This means that hiring managers and recruiters will need to get up to speed.  What better way than utilizing a cutting edge Applicant Tracking solution? I’d like to list the top five reasons for your company to start utilizing applicant tracking software, and what to look for in your particular solution:
1. Applicant Tracking Software loves the Internet

Many software solutions require lengthy and large downloads that can bog down your machine and time. Welcome to the era of the internet. You should never have to download software to your computer, or worst, use one of those old fashioned CD-ROM installation disks.
The great applicant tracking software solutions will live completely online.  This will make it far easier to manage across multiple hiring managers and recruiters. It will also boost productivity. Recruiters can log in at work, at home, on the road, at the airport or on vacation (if they are really devoted). Pretty much anywhere they have online access, which today consists of a large portion of the modernized world.

2.  Applicant Tracking Software is EEOC Compliant

Running a business often involves loads of paperwork and filings to Uncle Sam.   One of those important and stressful filings is to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), if your has over 100 employees.
This can be a laborious process to keep track of the necessary data for submission.  Luckily, the state of the art applicant tracking software should possess the features to keep your EEOC compliance up to date, and ready to go when the time comes.
3. Applicant Tracking Software has the Right Stuff

More features aren’t always better. In fact, a product with a bevy of useless features can hinder an efficient hiring process by distracting your hiring managers.  Make sure your applicant tracking solution has the important features that will make it cheaper and easier for the end goal of hiring people. Tools that allow recruiters to collaborate, inform, and recruit are always more successful.
4. Applicant Tracking Software is Easy

This one is simple. The initial stages of product use is an indicator of what the entire process will be like. If the software is easy to access and set up, it probably will be easy to use throughout.  The best applicant tracking solutions will be a breeze.
5. Applicant Tracking Software should say ‘Thank You’

Sure, applicant tracking is all about getting the right talent in place with the end goal of making a hire.  Very often, those applicants that don’t get the job are thrown to the wayside – forgotten and left hanging, even during the holiday season.  A good Applicant Tracking solution  (in the sense Santa would define)  should have the ability to automate ‘Thank You Letters’ to let those that didn’t get the job know its time to move on, and perhaps even wish them a Merry Christmas.


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